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Our team is led by some of the best clinicians and business people in the veterinary profession. We understand your day-to-day because we've lived it and we love it! We're always here to listen and support you and your hospitals!

We're a Different Breed

Our leaders are a unique group of people from different backgrounds united by their passion for taking care of animals. All of our leaders play an active role in ensuring that our team members, practices, and culture thrive, but their different strengths are what make United Veterinary Care such a uniquely powerful force in the veterinary profession.

Make a Difference

At United Veterinary Care, we...

Help the people who care for pets build a legacy that will live on in their community
community-focused group of veterinary hospitals and leaders who are truly passionate about what we do
Believe that by sharing resources and leadership, we can improve the lives of people through improving the health of their pets
our leaders

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"I love being a veterinarian, but I don't love dealing with administrative tasks. The day-to-day needs of running my business were preventing me from doing what I do best -- taking care of patients! Selling my practice to UVC has allowed me to step back into the role I love and always wanted to do -- working with pets"

John Marcus, VMD
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Our team is united by the belief that we can make changes in the veterinary profession today that will create a better tomorrow. Learn how you can help us build a better future for pets and the people who love them.

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