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Our goal is to create a bright future for the veterinary profession and for your practice. Partner with our dedicated, passionate team today to start developing a plan.

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What we offer

Our experienced team offers a variety of administrative strategies and services that can help you grow your practice.


We use a simple strategic process that makes it easy for you to achieve your goals


Remain up-to-date on important industry issues with communication and conflict management training, CE, and online learning modules


From operating budgets and plans to inventory and equipment purchasing, we are here to help every step of the way


We can support your practice in new client acquisition, client retention, and mastering cutting-edge online marketing strategies

Accounting and Finance

We handle administrative and financial tasks like payroll, accounts payable, tax support, and financial reports so that you don't have to

Information Technology

Keep your business up and running with improved access to technical support and technological advancement

People Operations

We help find awesome people to keep your practice running smoothly and provide access to the resources talented team members are looking for in a prospective employer

See what success looks like. Read how United Veterinary Care has changed practice owners’ lives.

In short about us.

United Veterinary Care gives you more

Selling your business shouldn't mean giving up on your vision -- don't settle for anything less than the best for you, your practice, and your team.

Access to a national veterinary network

Retained identity

Equity opportunities for sellers

Financial planning

Industry-leading salary and benefits

Work-life balance

Retained identity

Access to a national veterinary network

Equity opportunities for partners

Financial planning

Industry-leading salary and benefits

Work-life balance

Partnering with us is easy...

Are you ready to have a greater impact on pets and the people who care for them? United Veterinary Care is here to help. Start the process today.

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