What's next for your practice?

The veterinary profession doesn't sit still, and neither should your practice. Plan the future of your practice while you prepare to pass the torch.

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What's the next step for your business? Deciding how to advance your business is a big decision, particularly if it involves selling your practice. As you weigh your options and decide what the future looks like for you, your staff, and your practice, ask yourself the following questions to develop a better understanding of your vision.

What are your goals for yourself as a vet?

Setting goals is an important step in determining the best way to proceed for your practice. There are countless options, and it helps to be as specific as you can. Maybe you want to grow your practice, but how? Do you want more patients, or perhaps more locations? Taking the time to clearly defining your goals now can guide you and your practice now and well into the future, even if you decide to sell.

What are your long-term goals for your practice?

Short-term goals are important in guiding your decisions, but thinking about the big picture will also help you determine what steps to take. Where do you want to see your practice be next year? How about in five years? Or even ten? Decisions made now can help you set your practice on the path to the future you envision for it.

Are you considering retirement?

If so, it's important to consider how your decisions will impact your financial future and the legacy you leave behind at your practice. Selling your practice can be a way for many practice owners to take control of both.

Do you want to spend more time with your family?

Although we spend countless hours dedicated to our practice during our careers, some of our priorities lie outside of the office as well. Finding more time to spend with family can be difficult if you are overwhelmed with time-consuming administrative tasks. Selling your practice could be a solution to reduce your hours and workplace responsibility, freeing you to spend more time with your family.

Are you able to offer opportunities
for development to your team members?

Every practice owner wants their business to grow, and part of that desire is providing opportunities for office and clinical staff to continue learning and honing their skills. United Veterinary Care can help provide opportunities if you don't have the immediate resources needed to create them yourself. With a variety of development programs in place, we can help you and your staff grow as veterinary professionals.

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